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             (BB Delilah and Macy)                          (Casey's Neal in his Favorite Coat)


Hello!  Welcome to Macy's Rabbits!  We specialize in Quality English Angora rabbits from the Betty Chu 
bloodline and are proud to have your business!  Macy's Rabbits Rabbitry is located just outside of Chewelah, Washington.  We currently own six (6) WONDERFUL English Angoras and one Californian/Mini-Rex cross.  You can see them on our 'Rabbits' page.  All animals available will be posted on our 'For Sale' page.  Thinking of buying one of these furry friends yourself?  Go to our 'Contact Us' page and find out if we can help you get started with a furry friend of your own!

If you are here looking for my fiddling and music, go to http://macysmusic.weebly.com


                  (Kate's litter, 2013)

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We run a clean, healthy and small rabbitry designed to raise the best, and only the best, of rabbits.  All of our rabbits come from the exclusive Betty Chu line and show many of the characteristics and conformation of her rabbits.  We have raised English Angoras for over half a decade.  Macy's Rabbit's Rabbitry is located just North of Spokane, near Chewelah, WA.  On this website, I (Macy Morgan) have provided a complete care and informational page for the beginner or someone who's just looking to know a little more about the breed.  If you are planning to get an English Angora from us, I suggest that you take a look at our "About the English" page.  If you are interested in seeing our stock, go to our "Rabbits" page.  If you would like to contact us, go to our "Contact Us" page.  To see what's new and available for purchase, go to "For Sale".  I hope you find my website informative and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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