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Hello!  Welcome to Macy's Rabbits!  We specialize in Quality English Angora rabbits from the Betty Chu 
bloodline and are proud to have your business!  Macy's Rabbits Rabbitry is located just outside of Chewelah, Washington.  We currently own three English Angoras and one Californian/Mini-Rex cross.  You can see them on our 'Rabbits' page.  All animals available will be posted on our 'For Sale' page.  Thinking of buying one of these furry friends yourself?  Go to our 'Contact Us' page and find out if we can help you get started with a furry friend of your own!

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Some of you may have heard of me through music (I'm a fiddler/vocalist in a bluegrass band), or maybe you saw me at a fair or ARBA show; well I (Macy Morgan) have been raising
rabbits for 4 years and I'm not about to stop!  I got my first rabbit, Hazel Butter, when I was 10.  A Broken Agouti Californian/Mini-Rex cross from Montana.  After being told from my 4-H leader that she had excellent conformation, I decided to take her to the show ring in 4-H.  I must admit; I doubted her because she was a mix.  But when the ribbons came out, I realized that
I had quite a rabbit on my hands!  She took Grand Champion in 3 shows for conformation and two Reserve Grand's in fitting and showing!  I decided that rabbits were definitely my thing, so I invested in three Mini-Lops, two does and a buck.  I later discovered that the two does were too old to breed, so I sold them.  I kept the buck for a little while and bred him twice to Hazel Butter.  Then I heard that my best friend wanted a Mini-Lop buck, so I sold 'Thumper' to her.  I had kept one doe out of Hazel and our friends gave us a Silver Fox/Champaign D'Argente buck, so I now had 3 rabbits.  I decided to sell Hazel Butter's baby and give away the buck.  Now I was down to 1 rabbit.  I had heard of an Angora before, and I thought I might check it out.  The more I discovered, the more I thought I should invest.  So I started looking for English Angora breeders close to home.  Well, the closest I could find was in Portland, OR.  A lady named Michele Cochran was raising the English and she had a Blue Tort buck for sale.  So we drove over to pick it up.  That's how we got 'Bugsy'.  I'm telling you, this is as close to a dog as you can get!  He rode on my lap on his back 8 hours home!  After 6 months, I decided that I needed a doe, so we found a rabbitry called Beacon Bend Alpacas located in central OR.  They put my name down on a waiting list and I was able to get an Opal doe named Kate.  What a sweet-heart!  She lets you do anything to her and she won't mind!  Shortly after, I called Beacon Bend to see if they had anymore litters coming up.  9 months later, I was able to get a black doe named Delillah.  I took them all to the Puyallup fair's ARBA show and Kate took BOB, BOS and BOV and Bugsy and Delillah both took BOV in their age categories.  Ever since I've been breeding and raising quality, ARBA registered English Angoras.  For those who don't know too much about Angoras, I suggest doing some research before you dive into all the grooming and maintenance involved in keeping a show quality Angora.  I'd be happy to help you acquire more knowledge on the English or rabbits in general, so don't be afraid to give me a call.  As for those who know a thing or two about the breed, you'll be pleased to know that I run a clean, healthy and small rabbitry designed to raise the best, and only the best, of rabbits.  Kate and Delillah are both from the exclusive Betty Chu line and show many of the characteristics and conformation of her rabbits.  I hope you find my website informative.  Have a great day! 

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